Hormones Changing? What You Need To Know

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At every stage of life, your hormones play an important role in controlling what happens in your body. Hormone levels have a profound impact on your health, and many physiologic functions require a delicate balance when it comes to hormone levels. But, it’s said that time changes everything, and that certainly applies to hormone changes. […]

Hormone Havoc: Identifying Common Hormone Disruptors

Wellness Balance You Blog Image - Common Hormone Disruptors

Your hormones play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance that keeps your body functioning at its best. From regulating metabolism and mood to influencing reproductive health and immune function, these chemical messengers orchestrate various aspects of your well-being. However, achieving hormonal harmony can be a delicate dance, and numerous factors in our daily […]

The 3 Sneaky Health Conditions Behind Your Fatigue

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If you constantly feel fatigue, you are not alone. Many health practitioners report tiredness as one of the most common patient complaints, with around 45% of people in the US experiencing constant fatigue. Getting to the root cause of fatigue can be tricky – it is usually not enough to simply “get more sleep.” That’s […]

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity Naturally

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Let’s take a look at the risks and symptoms of insulin resistance, plus 10 preventative measures you can take to reduce your risks of insulin resistance and increase your insulin sensitivity.

Healthy Holidays, Happy You

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The holidays are a busy time of year, and because of that, we all tend to change our typical schedules. With ample opportunities to eat sugary, festive foods and skip workouts for holiday activities, maintaining a healthy routine can sometimes be challenging!  While many struggle to find balance during this season, it is entirely possible […]

Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Important

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Here’s an unfortunate fact: As many as 43% of Americans report they don’t get enough sleep. The long-term impact of poor sleep extends far beyond feeling a bit groggy the next day. Some consequences include: Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Sleep? As the list above suggests, sleep problems can impact all areas of health. However, […]

4 Factors That Are Hindering Your Weight Loss!

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Eat less, exercise more. Is it really that easy? You may not be surprised to hear that weight loss and keeping it off goes way beyond such one-dimensional recommendations. In fact, the concept of calories in and calories out may be the biggest misunderstanding people have about weight. It turns out that weight gain and […]

Low Libido? Get Your Mojo Back!

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You love your partner, but you have a low libido…what’s up with that? Between late nights, early mornings, work stress, family obligations, and a million other balls in the air, there is little time and energy left for sex. But relationships change, and sex drive softens as we age… so, it’s perfectly normal, right?  Not […]

Say Goodbye to Hormonal Imbalance

Your well-being relies on a complex balance of many hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, insulin, and thyroid hormone. Each of these plays an important role in supporting your body’s functions, but even a slight imbalance in hormone levels can wreak havoc – often in unexpected ways. Our hormones often become imbalanced in response to problems […]


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